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Our motto:"Earned not Given"

Develop Discipline, Respect, Integrity, and Leadership Skills that will help you and your family in all aspects of your daily life.

Train like a Warrior and be a Warrior!!!

Since 1996, Shelton Martial Arts, located at 923 Annapolis Rd Gambrills, MD, has been providing instruction in the traditional martial art of, Tang Soo Do under the direction of Master Larry E. Shelton (7th Dan).

This site is designed to give you and your family information about our programs, our style of martial arts, our staff, and to provide you with information on how to contact us.

We hope you enjoy our website and will stop by and visit our training facility.

Shelton Martial Arts News

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SMA's New Dan

Mr. Anthony Balbosa, Jr. has just complete his second pre-test as final preparation for his upcoming School and Federation Dan test. Mr. Balbosa has been a member of our family since November 2009 and is also a member of our elite group of martial artist known as the Hwa Rang.

He is scheduled for his School Dan test on March 9th at 10:00AM, all are welcome to view the demonstration of his martial arts skills before our Technical Board.